Fire Suppression & Extinguishers

Fire Suppression Systems & Fire Extinguishers


Fire Suppression Systems

All fire suppression systems are automatic extinguishing systems.
The system is activated through heat sensors or manual activation.
All systems are installed according to the National Fire Protection Association codes 96, 17A, and 17.
All systems need to be serviced semi-annually and/or after use.
Any new system must be approved by the local fire department.
We service all kitchen systems, all industrial systems, and Amerex clean agent systems.
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Kitchen Systems

All kitchen systems are equipped with liquid chemicals consisting of a soap base.
The code for the kitchen systems is UL-300.
Every kitchen is required to have at least one K-Class fire extinguisher.
This extinguisher is a wet chemical extinguisher designed for kitchen use.
All kitchen system tanks must be hydro tested every 12 years.[/one_half_last]
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Industrial Fire System

Industrial systems are dry chemical systems. They are mainly used for spray booths. All industrial system tanks are required to be serviced every 6 years, and hydro tested every 12 years.

Clean Agent / Waterless Systems

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These systems have a very unique application.
The clean agent does not leave a trace of scent, color, or substance.
These systems are mainly used for server rooms and any room with sensitive electronics.
Amerex clean agent systems are required to be hydro tested every 12 years.[/one_half]

Fire Extinguishers

All fire extinguishers must be serviced annually and/or after use. We service and sell all types of fire extinguishers.[/one_half]

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