Fire Sprinkler Testing & Repair

Regency Fire Los Angeles Fire Sprinkler Testing & Repair

Regency provides inspections, testing, and maintenance of fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems. Our trained personnel conduct all inspections as per the requirements outlined in NFPA codes and local fire authorities including:


  • 5-Year Fire Sprinkler Certifications
  • Annual and Quarterly Fire Sprinkler Inspections
  • Weekly Fire Pump Runs
  • Annual Fire Pump Flow Test
  • Annual Fire Alarm Inspections
  • Annual Hydrant Flow Tests
  • Annual Emergency Generator & Lighting Systems
  • Annual Central Station Signaling Systems
  • Annual Fire Doors
  • Annual Fire Escape
  • 5 Year Class II Standpipe Systems (Fire Hoses)
  • Annual Pressure Reducing Valve’s (PRV’s)

Following every inspection, our staff will submit a written report listing any corrections that need to be made in order to ensure continued compliance. When considering the value of life and property, it only makes sense to incorporate fire protection inspection and maintenance into your facility management plan.

Fire Sprinkler Inspections are performed based on the following publications:


  • NFPA-25 (Fire Sprinkler Testing)
  • NFPA (Electrical Code)
  • NFPA 72 (Fire Alarm Installation and Testing)
  • NFPA 80
  • NFPA 101 (Life-Safety)
  • NFPA 110
  • Title 19 (California Code of Regulations)
  • City of Los Angeles Regulation 4 (Testing)

Please go to our resources page to view information of state, cities, county, NFPA test forms, and reports.

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