Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

Clean Agent / FM200 / Waterless Systems

The clean agent fire suppression system is design to protect areas with sensitive electrical equipment and valuable data. The CPS system by Amerex the most cost efficient clean agent system available.

The agent:
The extinguishing agents used in the Amerex CPS is DuPont™ FM-200® or 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid. The chemical name for DuPont™ FM-200® is Heptafluoropropane (CF3CH-FCF3), identified in NFPA 2001 as HFC-227ea. This agent was developed as an environmentally safe alternative to Halon 1301 and is intended to prevent business interruption due to the risks of fire and to prevent the loss of irreplaceable, high value assets from fire.

Detection / Manual Actuation:
Photoelectric smoke detectors are cross zoned to reduce potentially unwanted discharge. Detectors are provided with keyed locking connectors. Wiring harnesses are factory assembled in predetermined lengths and are equipped with matching keyed locking connectors. The manual pull stations, used to release the system, are double action. A combination pull station/abort is available that includes an abort switch.

Alarming Device:
A bell and horn/strobe design give both audible and visual indication that fire conditions are present. An alarm bell rings when smoke is detected and the horn/strobe operates to signal the start of the release time delay.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression System FM200 new photo 2


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